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The Real Story

It all started more than 15 years ago in a tiny café in Alamo, Texas. A group of five Valley residents responded to an URGENT NEED to protect a tract of pristine native brush south of Weslaco destined to be bulldozed. They joined forces to preserve the property and thus began The Valley Land Fund.

It’s You and Me

The Valley Land Fund is you and me and a lot of other people with the common idea that we can preserve and restore this wonderful place where we live, The Rio Grande Valley. It’s a place so ecologically diverse and home to such a wide variety of avian species and other native wildlife that it is hard to believe that this area is itself a threatened species.

We Can’t Afford to Lose Any More of Our Precious Valley

The Valley Land Fund is dedicated to the preservation of the remaining 3% to 5% of the natural habitat left in the Lower Rio Grande Valley and to the protection of the native plants and wildlife. From the semitropical woodlands to the wetlands, it’s a whole world of its own. And, it’s a world in which your actions will determine what’s left for future generations to enjoy, experience and appreciate.

Here’s How You Can Help

Become a member of The Valley Land Fund today! See how with the help of people like you we are making a difference in habitat preservation and conservation awareness. By working together we can ensure that our children’s children have more than just books by which to view the rich natural treasures of the Rio Grande Valley.

Remember it started with only five people and a dream. Today it’s a lot of people with the common idea that we can make a difference. Together we can accomplish great things. But only if you become a part of it!

The Valley Land Fund

PLEASE JOIN US in protecting the future of the natural lands in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Valley Land Fund is always accepting volunteers for a variety of interesting activities!

Land Conservation

Are you a migratory bird expert looking to put your knowledge to use? Maybe you’re a retired botanist with some extra time to spare. Or maybe you just love wildlife and want to help with a local conservation effort. No matter what your background is, you can help make a difference as a volunteer for the Valley Land Fund. If you would like to lend your knowledge and expertise to help with regional land conservation projects, please email us at, or call us at (956) 686-6429.

Education and Outreach

From time to time, the Valley Land Fund participates in conferences, programs, and outreach events throughout the Valley. Often, we rely on the help of our vast network of dedicated volunteers to make sure each event goes smoothly. If you have an interest in assisting the Valley Land Fund as a volunteer with education and public outreach, please email us at, or call us at (956) 686-6429, and let us know what you’re interested in.