Mission Statement

The mission of The Valley Land Fund is to preserve, expand, and enhance the native wildlife habitat of the Rio Grande Valley through education, land ownership, and the creation of economic incentives.


The Valley Land Fund assists with conservation of native habitat through the protection of land in the southernmost counties of deep South Texas – the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Click here to read more about a few of our land conservation projects and partnerships.


The Valley Land Fund is committed to educating the public about the importance of land conservation and protection of our natural resources. We use a number of tools for outreach and education purposes, with the most popular being our annual wildlife photo contests. The use of photography to educate the citizens of our area is one of the most important aspects of our approach to wildlife conservation. Through the use of award-winning images, we are able to make individuals, young and old, aware of our wonderful natural heritage and the existence of every species of plant and animal that is in jeopardy.

Wildlife Photo Contest

Our wildlife photo contests and the photography books that the Valley Land Fund has produced from the images of those contests have been wildly successful tools in our goal to promote native wildlife habitat conservation. The Valley Land Fund celebrates, endorses, and recognizes the power of wildlife photography and its importance to conservation.

Private Landowners

Private landowners play a crucial role in the conservation of wildlife in America today. Without their participation in conservation, entire ecosystems will be lost, never to be appreciated by future generations. The Valley Land Fund believes that wildlife conservation can best be promoted through sound economic incentives for private landowners to protect and enhance the diversity of habitats.

For more information about how you can help, please contact us at info@valleylandfund.com, or (956) 686-6429. http://www.eventindex.com/en/tips/297/online-casino-hex-nl – Online Casino Spellen