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March 17, 2017

El Monte del Valle (Sold Out)


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The extraordinary winning images from the 2008 photo contest honor those private landowners who truly value wildlife. They document the diverse array of birds, mammals, insects and arachnids, reptiles and amphibians that not only reside but thrive in the habitat provided by their caregivers.

 The Valley Land Fund is very proud to be part of the effort to encourage and enable private landowners to create and maintain these private refuges.

 This, the eighth book in a series, appropriately recognizes the Lower Rio Grande Valley’s heritage and traditions. Many of the creatures that welcomed those original Spanish explorers and settlers are no longer with us. It is now up to all of us to recognize the need to protect the natural habitat of all our wildlife.

 We hope these images will inspire the viewers to join us in our effort to conserve the wildness of our South Texas lands.