Spirit of the Chaparral
March 17, 2017
Treasures Of South Texas (Sold Out)
April 10, 2017

Focus on the Wild



This is the fourth book exhibiting the results of The Valley Land’s Wildlife Photo Contest.

Are you a camera buff, nature enthusiast, birder, biologist, rancher, farmer, educator, artist, or child? Everybody will enjoy the over 250 prize-winning wildlife portraits featured in this edition. They celebrate the skills of the nation’s bet photographers. And the art of waiting and waiting:

                For a Painted Bunting to land in front of the blind looking like an artist’s palette of unmixed colors;

                or a Texas Indigo Snake to be drawn into the grass like an inky brush stroke;

                or a herd of White-tailed Deer to come to the water hole in their twilight thirst;

                or a Giant Swallowtail to light before the camera like an animated flower.

Countless hours of hopeful patience, photographic artistry and sudden luck went into these shots. Enjoy our living gallery of South Texas wildlife and cherish each picture as a memory and a hope for its future.